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Imagine a world where bipedal, humanoid dogs, known as the canidae, are the dominant species. In this world, canid pups pursue a path of education which culminates in a spirit guided rite of passage as the pups enter adulthood. The results of this rite of passage help guide each individual canid to their calling in life.

A young canid named Azure is about to undergo this ritual, but little does he know that it is only the beginning of his true rite of passage. An ancient journal is found, one that may finally unravel the mystery of a long lost species known as humans. Azure volunteers to join the expedition that is sent out to investigate the origin of the journal. Joined by his older brother Kael, Yasu the authority on human archeology, and a cynical member of the Shadow Tribe, Azure goes on a journey to learn more about the enigmatic humans and uncover what happened to them.

As their journey progresses, the four canids get more than they bargained for as they uncover the truth and find forgotten terrible secrets that may have been better left alone.